Zala Hair Extensions Honest Review & Tutorial

zala hair extentions honest reviewzala hair extentions honest review zala hair extentions honest review  zala hair extentions honest review


Happy Friday! I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend! Back in October, I bought some hair extensions from Zala. I ended up getting the chestnut brown clip in hair extensions, 24 inch, 250 grams. Overall I really like them, but there are a few things that I wish I had thought about and known before I purchased them, so I thought I would do a little review along with a hair tutorial.

Thoughts, regrets, likes

BUY A HANGER & PROTECTOR: My instant regret when I got my hair extensions was that I didn’t have a place to store them. They layed on my bathroom vanity for a few weeks and kept on getting in the way. My sister is the best and bought me a hair extension hanger and bag. This was a life saver. It makes storing my hair extensions a million times easier, and I know my hair extensions will last longer since they will be safe.

THEY HAVE A WEIRD SMELL: Since the hair extensions have chemicals from dyes and being processed, they kind of have a weird smell. I tried to wash my hair extensions to get the smell out, but it didn’t do anything. It’s not a terrible smell, but it’s definitely not my favorite.

THINK ABOUT LENGTH: I’m a go big or go home kind of gal. I love that I bought 24″ hair extensions because I love having mega long hair. The only potential downside is that it’s pretty noticeable when I wear my hair extensions and when I don’t. If I go to a family party or hang out with friends they always comment on how I have my hair extensions in. I don’t care if people know I have hair extensions in or not, but if you want to have a more natural look then I’d get shorter hair extensions. Also, when you’re trying to decide on the length you want, keep in mind that you may need to trim them up a bit. Hair extensions all come the same length and when you place them on your head some pieces will look longer and other shorter. To avoid this jigsaw look, it’s important to trim the ends of your hair extensions.

THINK ABOUT THICKNESS:  It’s about $100 more to buy 250 grams of hair rather than 130 grams at I don’t regret spending the extra amount at all. Sometimes when people buy really long hair extensions  I don’t think it looks very good because after the natural hair ends what’s left is thinner looking hair extensions. If you buy a shorter length of hair extensions, I don’t think buying the 250 grams matters as much, because the extensions will be able to blend into your natural hair and you won’t be seeing inches and inches of just extensions.

SOMETIMES THEY HURT: When I first got my hair extensions I wore them almost every single day. At first, I could barely even feel my hair extensions in my head. Then after about a week and a half, I notice that whenever I wore my hair extension it would feel really pulley on my head. It’s like that feeling when you have a really tight ponytail and after a while, it kind of hurts your head. I don’t wear them every day now and that seems to have fixed the issue. I also think that since I bought more hair it’s a lot heavier. If you have a sensitive head I wouldn’t wear them all the time and maybe get the 130 grams instead.

I DON’T WEAR THEM ALL THE TIME: The extensions are super simple and I can put them in really quick now, but sometimes I get too busy to put them in. If you are buying hair extensions and thinking you’ll wear them all the time, maybe think again. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.

QUALITY: I feel like the hair extensions are really good quality. It’s 100% real remy hair. The hair is thick and healthy. It’s so soft and easy to style. I just wish my real hair was this nice.  I feel like each weft is sturdy and the clips work really well. Since each clip has this rubbery plastic on the other side, it really holds the hair in, so I don’t have to worry about my hair extensions falling out.

THE COMPANY: The company seems to be really good to work with as well. I reached out to them to ask what color of hair they would suggest for me and they emailed me back within a few hours with their suggestion, and I feel like they were spot on. The hair blends in perfectly with my real hair. My extensions also shipped to me really fast. I think I got them 2 or 3 days after I ordered them which was awesome.

Hair Tutorial

This tutorial is pretty similar to my everyday curls. I start off with clean dry hair. I like to brush my hair first thing. I then section out the hair that is below the tip of my ear and secure the rest in a bun. I take my double stacked 3 clip weft and clip it onto my head, starting with the middle clip and then going outward. I just repeat this process by taking out small sections of hair and adding the hair extensions as I go.  Here is the order I put my hair extensions in:

two 3 clips wefts (stacked on top of each other and clipped together)

5 clip weft

5 clip weft

3 clip weft & two 1 clip wefts

two 2 clip wefts

Avoid putting your hair extensions at the top of your head, because you need that hair to cover all the wefts.

Next, I part and smooth out my hair. I always double check to make sure you can’t see any of the wefts and that everything is blended. I am going to be using a 1-inch curling iron to curl my hair. I like to put haft my hair in a ponytail as I curl.

To curl I take a small piece of hair and starting with the hair at the top of my head,  I wrap it around the barrel, making sure it is going away from my face. I repeat this process for my whole head. I like to curl different sizes of hair as I go to give it more dimension.  I always run my curling iron through the bottom part of my curls to kind of loosen them up.

I then take a comb and tease my hair so I get some good body going. After that, I like to spray a little hairspray and let it dry. Once it’s dried, I gently smooth out my hair with a brush and use my fingers to fix any curls.

Thank you all for reading! Here is a coupon code for any Zala purchase. just use ZALA5OFF at checkout for $5 off.

zala hair extentions honest review

 This post isn’t sponsored, I bought the hair extensions myself and these are all my own opinions. 

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