How To Wear Embroidery This Fall

fall sweater and embroidered skirt fall sweater and embroidered skirt fall sweater and embroidered skirt


Happy Monday everyone! I’m going to keep it kind of short today. I found this super cute skirt at target the other day for only $20! I tried finding it online for you guys, but it’s not on their website (boo!)  I did find a really cute skirt from topshop that is kind of similar. If you are looking to spice up your fall wardrobe a bit, then think about buying some nice embroidered pieces. I love embroidered clothing and think they can add color, detail, and texture to any outfit. Here are a few ways to incorporate embroidery into your everyday attire.

Jeans & Skirts:

A good pair of jeans with some floral embroidery or an embroidered mini skirt can be a great way to add some visual texture and color. I found this pair of embroidered jeans at boohoo for only $27.

Clutches & Bags:

Pick out a bag with lots of personality. I love the colors and pattern on the Rebecca Mickoff clutch. A bold clutch, tote, or handbag can create a great statement and can make your outfit look unique.

Shirts & Sweaters:

I just love the boho look, it seems so carefree and effortless.  Try picking out a peasant style shirt with embroidery. An embroidered boho shirt can be paired with jeans, skirts, jackets, you name it.

Let me know your favorite ways to wear embroidery. Hope you all have a great Monday and the rest of the week. Love you all!

fall sweater and embroidered skirt


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