Valentine’s Gift Guide For Her

valentine's gift guide for her

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Valentine’s Gift Guide For Her

Hi guys! Chris and I usually keep it pretty low key for Valentine’s, but this year we are planning a weekend trip to see some Castles in Germany. I’m so excited! What do you guys usually do? Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks out so you have some time to prepare.

Isn’t it the best when your honey tells you exactly what he wants and where you can get it for holidays? Well, I thought I’d make things simple this year by putting together a Valentine’s gift guide. You can get some inspiration for what you want, or maybe just send this link to your hubby directly. If he’s anything like Chris, then he’ll be thrilled!

First off, you can never go wrong with flowers. Costco has some super pretty flower arrangements for a great price. If flowers aren’t your thing, then what about a favorite perfume? I really love this scent by Chanel.

Shoes are always a good idea. Am I right? It seems like no matter how many pairs you get, you always have room in your closet for one more. These pink Superga sneakers are the cutest and they’re comfy too.

Although I want to think it’s springtime already, the truth is it’s freezing still. A cozy sweater or blanket could be the perfect gift. This Patagonia sweater is way soft and I love the color.

Another great gift option would be jewelry. Chris surprised me with pearl earrings and a bracelet one year for our anniversary and they are still my favorite pieces of jewelry I have. I think simple pieces with meaning behind them are the best. This dainty initial bracelet is so cute. You could either get your initial or your sweetie’s initial so you can think of them whenever you wear it.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully, you found some things you liked. Have a great rest of your week. 🙂





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