Am I really half way already? I guess so since today I’m officially 20 weeks along with my pregnancy. Maybe it’s because you’re already a month into being pregnant before you even find out, but I’ve heard the first half goes by much faster than the second half of pregnancy.  My last update was at 13 weeks, and so I thought it was about time for another one. PHYSICAL CHANGES Once I got into my second trimester, I instantly started… View Post

Are you all recovering from your weekends? I thought I would do a quick little pregnancy update since I’m finally out of my first trimester and on week 15 of my pregnancy. Since Chris and I announced our pregnancy and told you all about the exciting news, I’ve been so touched by all the love and support. Thank you all for your sweet comments and encouragement.  I’m not going to do weekly updates on my pregnancy, but I thought I’d… View Post

Okay, okay, I know I’ve kind of fell off the bandwagon when it comes to blogging the past month, but I’ve promised myself I’m going to do better. It’s been the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep, but now the secret is out! Chris and I are having a baby and I’m due on June 10th. Chris and I decided to start trying in September, but we didn’t think it would happen right away (little did we know.)  I… View Post