My Simple At Home Gel Nail Routine

simple gel nail tutorial

simple gel nail tutorial

simple gel nail tutorial

simple gel nail tutorial

Hi, guys! I love a good mani and pedi, but it get’s pretty pricey if you go to the salon all every time. I started doing my own gel nails at home a few months ago and I’m amazed how easy and simple it is. I feel like my nails look just as good as when I get them done by a professional and I’m loving the extra dollars in my pocket.

I decided to get a starter kit online through Amazon. I did a lot of research and decided I’d go with the starter kit from Gelish. They have great quality products and the whole kit only cost around $80 bucks. My starter kit came with everything I would need to do gel nails and included two colors.

I bought a few more colors at Sally’s. One of my favorites that  I picked up is this pretty pink color from ASP.  The only downside with this color is that it’s pretty translucent and so you need to do three coats instead of two.

Here’s a quick guide to gel nails

Items You’ll Need

Gelish Starter Kit – the starter kit includes: a base coat, two colors, top coat, cuticle oil, nail buffer and file, nail sticks, nail polish remover, and nail cleaner.

Your Desired Nail Color – I chose ASP – Gel Polish pink whisper, but you could also just use one of the colors included in the starter kit.

Lint Free Cotton Rounds – I ran out of lint-free cotton rounds, so I just used regular ones for the demo. I could tell a big difference. The regular cotton rounds left behind little cotton threads I had to remove which was kind of annoying.

The 5 steps to Gel Nails

  1. Prep – make sure your nails are sculpted to the desired shape and that the cuticles are pushed back. buff the surface of the nail, then wipe each nail off with the nail cleanser and apply ph bond to the nails.
  2. Foundation – apply one coat of your basecoat and cure. It’s important to make sure this layer covers the entire nail and that it’s very even.
  3. Color – apply 2-3 coats of color and cure after each coat.
  4. Top Coat – apply one layer of top coat and cure. Make sure that you cap off the tips of your nails with the top coat.
  5. Nourish – wipe off nails with the nail cleanser. Apply cuticle oil to each nail and rub it in.

Viola! You’ve got perfectly manicured nails!

A Few Tips to get a perfect mani every time

Exfoliate and moisturize. I like to add sugar and olive oil together and use it as a scrub before I paint my nails. After I’ve scrubbed all the dead stuff off, I rub in a thick hand cream. It’s amazing how soft my hands feel afterward.

Apply small amounts of polish. To much nail polish will result in uneven nails that look lumpy. Apply small amounts of polish and just do more layers to achieve your desired color.

Do a lot of brush strokes. Soak off gel polish doesn’t dry out as fast as normal polish, so it’s okay to do a few more brush strokes to make sure the polish is perfectly even.

Avoid the nail bed and cuticles. If you paint over your cuticles, then you are more likely to have your nail polish snag off. Make sure that the nail polish doesn’t pool at the bottom of the nail either.


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