The Perfect Holiday Gift For The Holidays

mens jord watch - the perfect gift for him

The Perfect Gift For The Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and that means the hunt for the perfect gift is on. The gift should be unique, personal, and something that’s useful. If you are like me then, trying to find the perfect gift for your special someone seems like an impossible task. Luckily for you, I’ve found just the thing. Drum roll please…a custom wood watch from Jord!

I got this awesome Jord watch as a surprise for my husband Chris. Chris has a little bit of an obsession with watches and when he saw it, he was blown away. This gift is perfect because I know it’s something he’ll love and wear all the time. It’s also a little reminder of how much I love him as he wears it throughout the day.


mens jord watch - the perfect gift for himmens jord watch - the perfect gift for him

Why Jord?

QUALITY  That main reason I love Jord watches is the quality. Their wood watches are made from 100% natural, hand-finished wood. Each watch has beautiful finishes and you can tell they are built to last. Every detail is thought through included the packaging. Each watch comes in a beautiful wooden case, so no need for any fancy wrapping paper.

PERSONALIZED – It’s not often you get to see a gorgeous wood watch, but if you want your gift to truly be one of a kind, Jord offers custom engravings.  You can have Jord create an engraved backplate or box engraving in your own handwriting or imagery. Check out some beautifully personalized watches here for some inspiration.

PRACTICAL – A Jord watch isn’t one of those gifts that are used a few times and then quickly forgotten. It’s a gift that’s practical and can be used every day.  Everyone needs to know the time so why not know it in style. I know for me, a watch is wardrobe essential and Jord watches can be worn with almost any look.

  mens jord watch - the perfect gift for him


Since I gave Chris his watch it’s amazing how many compliments and questions he’s gotten. He loves it and I love it too! It’s elegant, refined, and functional. I’m not always the best at gift giving, but I’m counting this gift as a win.

Womens Wood Watches

This post has been credited in collaboration with JORD


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