Peonies in Spring Oil Painting

Peonies in Spring

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 11 x 14 x .5 in

elise procter flower art - peony painting in oils



Several years back (before Chris and I tied the knot,) I was having a terrible day.  Chris called, so I told him all about it. He wanted to do something. He had some peonies in his backyard that he picked, arranged, and wrapped in clear plastic. He didn’t have his car that day, so he put the flowers in his backpack and drove his motorcycle over to my place. I lived 30 minutes away and it was a very hot summer day. By the time he got over to my place he was all sweaty, the flowers were halfway wilted, and the plastic was all crinkled. Seeing him and the wilted peonies, was just what I needed. Further proof that flowers can fix the worst days.



elise Procter flower painting - peonies in spring



I was thinking back on the time Chris brought me those wilted flowers and decided I’d do a painting that reminded me of that day. Peonies have always been my favorite flower and I had so much fun doing this little peony painting. I actually made a larger peony painting for myself that I placed over my bed a while back.

The flowers in this piece were painted with a bright magenta color. The contrast between the pinks, purples, and greenery adds tension within the piece.  I coated this painting with a high gloss finish. When I put on the glossy finish, it really brought out all the colors and made them pop. This peony painting is simple, elegant, and fresh. It’s bold, but not overstated. The smaller size is nice because it’s not too overwhelming and could be incorporated into your interior design easily. I think adding this painting to your interior decor is a nice way to bring in a touch of soft feminine charm.


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