Moving To Switzerland!

Chris and Elise procter couple photos

Elise Procter couple photos

When Chris and I first got married, we were young, broke, and madly in love.

Chris has just graduated college as a mechanical engineer and I was still finishing up my degree. He ended up getting a job designing water purification systems. I went to school and worked part-time. Then once I graduated, I got a job at an REO Management company. We both worked long hard hours week after week. I think Chris worked a lot harder than I did. He’d work overtime almost every week and if we ever went on vacation, he’d work extra to make sure he’d get at least 40 hours in every week.

After a few years of working at our dead-end jobs, Chris and I were both feeling overworked and in need of some change.

Have you ever felt the same way? We would talk about our dreams for the future. I had had a dream of starting a blog for years, but never had the guts or time to do it. Chris finally convinced me to quit my job and to start pursuing a career in blogging. Along with working on getting my blog up and going, I started applying for new jobs for Chris, right after I quit my own job. I can’t tell you how many jobs I applied for. Most of the jobs ended up not being the right fit or never got back to us. He finally ended up getting a job as a weld engineer for a company that designs and builds trains last October.

It seems like a great job so far with lots of opportunities to learn and grow. As part of his contract when he got hired on, Chris is required to do a few months of training in Switzerland. I wasn’t about to let him leave me and made him promised to take me too. We weren’t exactly sure when the training would be, but his work finally got everything scheduled.

Chris and I are moving to St. Gallen, Switzerland on February 1st! His training will be three months and we’re totally stoked! 

Neither one of us has ever been to Europe before and we plan on making the most of it. On the weekends we hope to travel to different countries and to see the sights. For those of you who have been to Europe, what things should we try to see?

We just got everything confirmed last week and I feel like we have a million things to do before we leave! I’ve been working on buying stuff for our trip, making a packing list, and getting things organized.  Since I’m pregnant, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor for the week we leave, and I’ve been trying to research tips and trick for traveling pregnant. Have any of you guys gone on vacation while pregnant? Any suggestions?

It’s never a dull moment being married to this guy and I’m so proud of him. I still can’t believe we’re going to Europe! It’s going to be an adventure for sure, and I’ll make sure to share it all with you guys.


Chris and Elise procter couple photos





  1. January 24, 2018 / 5:54 am

    That is so exciting!! It really is amazing when husbands let us go for our dreams of making blogging a career. Best of luck to you and your husband! And keep up the great work with the blog 🙂

  2. eliseprocter
    January 24, 2018 / 2:57 pm

    Thanks Ashlyn!

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