I’ve always had dry sensitive skin. Lots of moisturizers irritate my skin and so I have to be careful about the products I use. My dermatologist has sworn by CeraVe products for years because they are one of the only drugstore products that work just a well or better than the high-end ones. I use the PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion on my face every morning along with a sunscreen. CeraVe has a facial lotion with a sunscreen built in,… View Post

  I love doing this easy hairstyle because it only takes me 10 – 15 minutes to do and lasts me 3 days. These beachy curls can look good with any look you are going for and it’s way easy to get the look. The first day, the hair is pretty curly, but after that, you are left with awesome beachy waves.   How To Get The Look Start out with clean damp hair, apply leave in condition and heat… View Post

Hi, guys! I love a good mani and pedi, but it get’s pretty pricey if you go to the salon all every time. I started doing my own gel nails at home a few months ago and I’m amazed how easy and simple it is. I feel like my nails look just as good as when I get them done by a professional and I’m loving the extra dollars in my pocket. I decided to get a starter kit online… View Post