Baywatch Swimsuit & Lake Powell

red swim suit at lake Powell

Lake Powell Outfit, Baywatch outfit

lake Powell outfit with red swimsuit

Happy Monday! Today is all about the Lake Powell trip Chris and I went on last week. Chris’s family does two big boating trips each year; one to Bear Lake and one to Lake Powell. Chris first took me to Lake Powell when we were dating and I fell in love. It just get’s better and better every time we go.

We got up about 3:00 am on Saturday and made the 5-hour trip down to Lake Powell. We needed to get there early so we could load the houseboat and find a spot on the lake to camp out. We found a great little cove for the houseboat and after we finally got all situated it was time to play, and play we did!

We spent the next four days soaking up the sun, swimming, and boating. I’ve been working on improving my slalom skills this year. I’m still not amazing, but I have a bunch fun going out there and trying. I feel like I’m finally in control when I ski and I’ve mastered going back and forth across the wake. Water skiing is my favorite thing to do, but I also tried my hand at wakeboarding and surfing. Chris borrowed an air chair from his friend Cody and became a total pro at it. It was so fun seeing the whole family out there on the water. If you like water sports, then Lake Powell is like a dream come true. The water is always warm, the lake is so large that you don’t get crowded by other boaters, and you can always find smooth water.

One of my favorite things we did there was swimming and hanging out by the houseboat. Our little spot was so quiet and I thought the tall red cliffs were really pretty popping out of the water.  The houseboat we rented had a slide that became an instant family favorite. One of the nights we made smores and told stories around a campfire. Making memories like this is what I live for.

For boating trips, I mostly just live in a swimsuit the whole time. That’s especially true for Lake Powell because it’s so hot there. I found this cute little one piece at ASOS and I love it. It reminds me a little bit of Baywatch. I love the textured material and the cut.

What I Wore:


Swimsuit and Two Piece Option


Similar Necklace



Lake Powell Girl Water Skiing

Lake Powell Landscape


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