I love doing this easy hairstyle because it only takes me 10 – 15 minutes to do and lasts me 3 days. These beachy curls can look good with any look you are going for and it’s way easy to get the look. The first day, the hair is pretty curly, but after that, you are left with awesome beachy waves.   How To Get The Look Start out with clean damp hair, apply leave in condition and heat… View Post

Happiness is something everyone wants, but it can be hard to get. There are those people who always seem to radiate happiness. I wanted to know their secret, so I did some research on what makes happy people happy. I noticed the same four things kept on popping up on the different blogs and articles I would read; happy people are grateful, exercise, are helpful, and spend time with others. I decided to put these to the test to see… View Post

  This floral painting is my latest creation and it’s special because it’s one of the first acrylic paintings I’ve ever done. I haven’t really had the chance to play around with acrylic paints that much, but I have always wanted to. Before I left my old job, my work friends gave me the sweetest card and a gift card to Blick Art Materials. I went to Blick’s last week and they had a great sale going on for their… View Post

Monochrome means one color. A monochromatic outfit consists of pieces from one color family. The color I chose for this monochromatic outfit was pink. I’ve had these shoes for a while now and just happened to spot this simple dress in the exact same color at a boutique near my house. You don’t have to wear the exact same texture and shade from head to toe. The fun thing about monochromatic outfits is that you can play with texture, pattern,… View Post

Summer Sunflower Medium: oil on Canvas Dimensions: 24 x 24 x .5 in   One of my favorite things about summer and early fall is all the sunflowers. Sunflowers grow like weeds here! I found this amazing sunflower field that’s about 3 minutes away from my house. When I was a little girl, my friends and I would pick sunflowers, alfalfa, and weeds and would make flower crowns. We would tromp around the fields by my house pretending we were… View Post